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Welcome To Eagle Eye Explorer. – Indispensable Brands and Incomparable Values

Eagle Eye Explorer is the brainchild of Bruce Whitney and Tonya Foster and was founded in 2010. The vision behind the company was to blaze a trail in the industry of production and distribution of digital products. We are a family-owned retail company delivering value-added products to marketplaces online, in the USA and across many countries.

At Eagle Eye Explorer, we sell compression socks, athletic socks, ankle socks, sheer socks, toys & games, sports & outdoors, party & gift supplies, and holiday decoration items. Completing an extensive experience in the market, we are pride to own more than 200 products with seven main product lines. These product lines are Eagle Eye Explorer, Love it! Products, Swell Care, Swell Relief, Swell Relief Softwear, Sheer Swell Relief, and Eagle Eye Explorer. Contoured Design, Perfect Fit, 4-Way Stretch, and Compression are some of the good things about our products. Moreover, our products’ fabric won't lose its shape with time.

A family run business and value-driven company, Eagle Eye Explorer’ vision stems from our passion and proclivity towards making lives easier, convenient and comfortable. Since our aim is to please you with our products or services, we strive hard to make every day better for our workforce and clients.

Our core strength lies in our veracity. We adhere to our customers' achievement, and we want to be their top-of-mind and top-of-heart choice.

Since the company’s establishment, we have acquired a vast clientele and repute that’s synonymous with quality.

What sets us apart from other competitors is our understanding of the industry, the values we hold, the unrestrained distinction of our products and the aspiration to satisfy each customer.

Equipped with advanced gear and having a deep acquaintance of the industry, we nurture new values in the industry and reformulate conventional practices. Whether it is something to help you live better longer, or give you a helping hand or even just make you moving, our evergreen products cover every age group.

Eagle Eye Explorer Tipis Ltd. – Every drop is made with respect, love, and care!

Our story
The vision had always been to set up a business that provided an excellent buying experience on top of high-quality merchandise at a reasonable price range. But, the things had not been that straightforward as it seems. Being founders of the company, we want our customers to revel in shopping with us. To translate our passion into reality, we founded our company in 2010 with the intention of providing values to underserved markets. In 2011, we launched our first digital product and entered the retail market with Love It! Products housewares. In 2016 we introduced our first brands with the name of Swell Relief Compression Socks and Eagle Eye Explorer children’s products. In 2017 our sales multiplied by three as we stretched out our products offering under our existing brands and introduced Swell Care personal care products. In 2018, we stretched out across many countries, including Japan, Canada, and the EU; launched our flagship children’s product line, Whizy, and ended the year with record sales and success. This year, 2019, we are envisioning to launch our new online store, Eagle Eye Explorer, and will spread out to more marketplaces where people already shop and rely on.

Our Mission
Our mission has always been to be a company on which you can rely and put your faith in. To make sure your trust remains intact, we provide quality products, services, and resources, which are intended to improve people's quality of life in meaningful and relevant ways.

Our Assurance
At Eagle Eye Explorer, we guarantee a high-quality standard both in the preliminary phase of production as well as during the process of the product delivery. What is more important to us is your satisfaction and protection; we strive hard to please you with our work.